Monday Plenary

Programme outline (times in CEST)

Monday – 08:00-13:00 plenary


Opening by Peter (30min + 15min)
– General summary of activities since January 2020
– Mission concept: Observatory vs. Survey-type
– Yellow Book
– Goals for this meeting
– “Conference photo”: all participants should switch on their videos for this so that a number of

screenshots can be taken


Current mission status from ESA and JAXA

– 08:45-09:15

ESA (Jacques) (20 min + 10 min)

– 09:15-09:45

JAXA (Toru) (20 min + 10 min) Note: Toru not available 10-12 CEST BREAK


Current understanding of instrument capabilities, specifically highlighting any changes since March affecting science goals (each 20min + 10min)

– 10:00-10:30

SAFARI (Peter, also on behalf of SAFARI systems team)

– 10:30-11:00

SMI (Hidehiro or Takehiko)

– 11:00-11:30



Q&A session with towards “panel” of any speaker or towards instrument experts on any topic presented during Monday’s plenary or otherwise. To be chaired by Peter.

13:00 End of Monday