Thursday plenary

Thursday – 08:00–13:00 plenary


30 min per WG = 15 min presentation on concrete actions and tasks for coming weeks as discussed and agreed during the meeting + 15 min discussion

– 08:00-08:30

Galaxy Evolution (David, Kotaro, Luigi, Tohru)

– 08:30-09:00

Physics of Galaxies (Floris, Hidehiro*, Marc, Jesus**)

– 09:00-09:30

ISM and Star Formation (Takashi, Marc, Matt)

– 09:30-10:00

Planet-forming systems (Inga, Mitsuhiko, Hideko)

* Hidehiro not available on 17 September ** Jesus not available on 15-17 September



Discussion on science balance between key areas + mission concept (Observatory, core/reference programme approach) – to be led by Peter



General Q&A (questions that couldn’t be answered on the spot during “scheduled slots with instrument experts” can also be addressed here) – to be led by Peter

13:00 End of Thursday